Feel out of your “rhythm” with training right now ⁉️

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That is okay.

What is NOT okay is failing to be active or to make an effort this time of year.

I get it… with holiday travel, end of year work responsibilities, and more… November and December can be a challenge fitness-wise.

But it doesn’t mean you need to fall off.

You can always do something to remain healthy.

Earlier this year while I was on prep, I was in Ohio for a family reunion. While there, I didn’t have access to a gym for a few days and then even when I did… it was a very basic gym to say the least. A few dumbbells was virtually the extent of it.

Here are 3 easy tips to keep you active this holiday season:

1️⃣ No real gym, no problem! When the gym equipment is limited, I make due with what is at my disposal. Train as heavy as you can, pushing yourself, while focusing on the contraction. You don’t need a crazy gym to contract the heck out of a muscle!

2️⃣ Focus on daily steps and prioritize plenty of walking!

3️⃣ Quality of the workout is more important than the duration of the workout. I’d rather see my clients get in 3-4 30-45 min focused workouts than 3-4 half assed 60 min+ training sessions. Duration of time ≠ quality.

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