I just wanted to get big👇🏼

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When I first started lifting weights at age 14, I just wanted to get big… can you relate?

At the time, I was the same height I am now (5’8”) and weighed about 150 lbs.

However, in order for me to reach my goal there was a huge knowledge gap I had to bridge.

It took years and years.
YouTube videos, Muscle & Fitness magazines, Bodybuilding.com articles/workouts, and more.

And the funny thing is: even after I did all that research I would still ask myself in my teens if I was optimizing my progress in and out of the gym.

Looking back at this now from a fresh perspective, it’s clear there’s a ridiculous amount of misinformation out there, gimmicky marketing is the norm, and I can’t help but laugh at myself😂

The best thing would have been to hire a coach sooner, not waste my time trying to sift through all the information online.

For you guys going through this right now, I understand how incredibly frustrating this can be. And how it can feel like everything you do is not giving you the “perfect physique” so many of us strive for.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to be a science-based coach and to focus so much on habit development and goal setting with my clients.

The 5 High Performance Health Habits™️ is my system that I put my clients through, helping them to shift their focus to the daily things that matter most and will help them naturally increase their testosterone levels, performance in the gym, and their aesthetics.

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