[Peer] pressure makes diamonds

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I normally train alone but from time to time, training with a partner is something I enjoy because it pushes me and I enjoy the social aspect of it.

It can break the monotony of feeling like you’re always training by yourself and there’s nothing like a friend telling you to “not be a b*tch and get ONE MORE REP” 😤

Characteristics of a good training partner:
✅ They are stronger than you or close to your level. This helps because it can feel like a drag if you feel like they are slowing down your lift and you are constantly having to dramatically lower the weight.
✅ They enjoy some quality gym banter but at the end of the day are there to WORK, not socialize.
✅ They know how to take aesthetic photos🤣

A gym partner could be the solution to you feeling “unmotivated” or “alone” at the gym.

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