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 In my personal experience, I’ve been really good at keeping my physical health on point, but sometimes fixate on it in a way to avoid my mental and emotional health practices.. It’s funny how the physical pain & discomfort of being under hundreds of pounds of weight in the gym pales in comparison to the discomfort of emotional pain & matters of the heart. It requires us to soften ourselves to be able to feel the depth of our emotions, rather than contract like we do when we train. It’s a completely different skill set that also requires its own version of repetition.

Physical health generally refers to the well being of your body. Mental health generally refers to your ability to process information and circumstances. Emotional health refers to your ability to express feelings that are based upon the information you have/have not processed. Finding balance in all 3 is key.

I hope this post encourages more of you to find more courage to lean in, feel, & heal from whatever has been plaguing you and keeping you from experiencing the fullness of your well being.

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